Childress Vineyards, Lexington NC Wedding Photography

Sometimes we book a wedding a year in advance, even two years in advance. But sometimes we connect with a Bride and Groom just weeks before their wedding. Such is the case for Helen and Wojtek.... and our experience with them was impeccable. 

Spencer and I have worked on so many weddings together, but we remember each one. They become little pieces of the puzzle that makes up our photography world. So many times we will think back and laugh about a groomsmen's toasts, or giggle remembering when Spencer got sprayed with a water hose, by a young ring bearer. We remember with compassion the father daughter dances that turn into tears, and we think about the "last photographs" of grandparents who hung on just to see their grandchild walk down the isle. When you hire a wedding photographer, you aren't just hiring someone with a camera. Instead you are hiring a professional that will preserve your memories and hand them to you in the form of photographs. 

Through the years we have been blessed to witness the unions of so many sweet souls. This was a perfect wedding to end the year. Helen and Wojtek.....THANK YOU!!!! Your images will be ready for pick up next week.


Melissa Sheets & Spencer Reudelhuber