Foggy Morning Shoot with Bella, Melissa Sheets, NC Photographer

This weekend I woke up to a complete blanket of dense fog coverage in my little city of Lexington. I sent out a few feelers to see if any other photographers wanted to go out and shoot.... no luck, but the nagging feeling to go wouldn't leave me alone.

On New Year's Eve I found a vintage green jacket at the Antique emporium in Thomasville. That jacket plus my niece Bella gave me the idea for Saturday morning's session. Odie was a last minute addition, but I think it made the shoot so special. Odie is a rescue from the Davidson County Animal Shelter. Bella's family has been working with him in obedience classes and he as turned into the sweetest giant.

The feel of these images is a little outside of my normal shooting style. Usually I love to blow out backgrounds, shoot tight and bright. But for these, since it was family and just play I decided to go for a darker look. That's what is great about these sessions, the play, the push, the knowing that they don't have to be spectacular. 

These images were all it with a video light. If I could go back, it would have been great to pop a little flash in for rim light, and maybe even one or two inside the grain bins. There is always next time :)

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A couple years ago I began my photography relationship with the Bowers. Gus was a jumping bean full of energy and Brecken was just a tiny guy. Each time they left a session, I am pretty sure their mom seriously doubted that we got anything good. I've always ended up with lots of cool images from  their sessions, but this one has been my FAVORITE to date.

Littles can be exhausting work for parents at a portrait session, it is so rewarding to see this phase kick in when parents can relax and trust that good images can come from just playing. 

Mom and Dad Bowers, I hope you'll love these images as much as I do. This session is all boy! from the fields of soy beans that Dad grows, to the barns, lawn mowers and old dusty trucks. I hope a few of these will end up as canvases on your walls. These are the smiles, scratch that... THESE ARE THE MEMORIES you'll cherish as your babies grow.

Thank you for allowing Spencer and I to shoot with you again.